Right now we are focused on THE BIG 4!
  1. Getting signatures on our online petition
  2. Promoting our Facebook Got Medicine page [Have you "Liked" us yet?]
  3. Recruiting people around the state to join our Got Medicine Organizers Group and do whatever they can in their area to raise awareness and get support with #1 and #2
  4. Contacting state legislators and media outlets and demanding support of Represetntative Todd Rutherford's "Put Patients First Act" (H 4879)

Once you have signed the petition and connected with us on Facebook, here are some other ways you can help.
  • Share the petition and information about this issue with your friends, families and contacts
  • Write letters to the media in your area of the state [and send us copies so we can post them!]
  • Make/distribute informational flyers to give to people in person
  • Hold a public event [forum, film, book group, etc]
  • Host a table at events
  • Research potential political allies and contact them or let us do it
  • Become a content creator on our facebook page
    [we could use some social media gurus on board!]
  • Become an author on our blog
    [good writing doesn't have to be long, just clear and informative]
  • Give us strategic advice on organizing our campaign more effectively
  • Buy a campaign t-shirt or other movement gear and show it off
  • Make a financial donation
    [donations are not tax-free but will support important administrative costs]

We look forward to hearing from you 
and to bringing relief to patients in South Carolina!

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