Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ACTION ALERT - H 3060 Needs Your Support!

ACTION ALERT - Columbia SC Norml

Please, contact your state representative and express your support for passage of H 3060. Enactment of H 3060 would remove mandatory minimum sentences for certain controlled substances offenses in favor of less punitive penalties and establish a study commission of 5 senators and 5 representatives that would review South Carolina's drug laws.

The representatives listed below are members of the House Judiciary Committee. If your state representative is on this committee, they most certainly need to hear from you. Check www.scstatehouse.gov to find your representative and district.

Write, call, or pay them a visit!!!

Delleney, "Greg", Jr., Chairman- R 43
Smith, James E., Jr., 1st V.C.- D 72
Quinn, Rick, 2nd V.C.- R 69
Bannister, Bruce W.- R 24
Bowen, Don C.- R 8
Clemmons, Alan D.- R 107
Cole, J. Derham, Jr.- R 32
Funderburk, Laurie Slade- D 52
Hamilton, Daniel P. "Dan"- R 20
Horne, Jenny Anderson- R 94
Kennedy, Ralph Shealy, Jr.- R 39
McCoy, Peter M., Jr.- R 115
McEachern, Joseph A. "Joe"- D 77
McLeod, Walton J.- D 40
Munnerlyn, Elizabeth R.- D 54
Murphy, Christopher J. "Chris"- R 98
Nanney, Wendy K.- R 22
Newton, Wm. Weston J.- R 120
Pope, Thomas E. "Tommy"- R 47
Rutherford, J. Todd- D 74
Sellers, Bakari T.- D 90
Tallon, Edward R. "Eddie", Sr.- R 33
Thayer, Anne J.- R 9
Weeks, J. David- D 51
Whipper, J. Seth- D 113

Lastly, S 220, South Carolina's medical marijuana bill will be my personal priority. Another member and myself have a meeting this Thursday with state Senator Larry Martin of Pickens, District 2 (Pickens County). He is the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee who will choose the 5 senators on the drug law study committee should H3060 pass. We need phone calls, emails, and letters to inundate his office, as well as the office of every member of the Medical Affairs committee where S 220 remains idle. The chairman of the Medical Affairs committee is Harvey Peeler of Cherokee, District 14 (Cherokee, Spartanburg, Union & York Counties). The other members of this committee are listed below. Call, email, write, or visit them to express your support and urge them to move this to floor for passage.

Peeler, Harvey S., Jr., Chairman- R 14
Courson, John E.- R 20
Hayes, Robert W., Jr.- R 15
Jackson, Darrell- D 21
Fair, Michael L.- R 6
Hutto, C. Bradley- D 40
Pinckney, Clementa C.- D 45
Verdin, Daniel B. “Danny”, III- R 9
Cleary, Raymond E., III- R 34
Lourie, Joel- D 22
Martin, Shane R.- R 13
Nicholson, Floyd- D 10
Scott, John L., Jr.- D 19
Ford, Robert- D 42
Alexander, Thomas C.- R 1
Bright, Lee- R 12
Davis, Tom- R 46

Wayne Borders,
acting president, Columbia NORML

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