Thursday, November 14, 2013

Action Alert: Support Hemp Legislation in SC

Though hemp legislation is not the focus of our medical marijuana campaign, the issue is important in its own right and faces the same ungrounded, illogical, and counter- productive obstacles that we face in our efforts to bring relief to suffering patients in SC.


A member of the General Assembly needs our help. Representative Stephen Goldfinch is seeking input on issues the people view as important. This is the perfect time to inform Rep. Goldfinch that South Carolina grown hemp is going to provide jobs for the people and money for the state. Additionally, it can handle our hot summers and pouring rains, unlike tobacco.
Rep. Goldfinch needs to hear from you, especially if you or someone you know lives in his district- District 108, parts of Charleston and Georgetown Counties (NW Mt. Pleasant up to Murrells Inlet).

Being that he sits on the Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environment Affairs Committee, his support on any hemp related legislation, as well as H. 3060, will be most advantageous.

Thanks to W.B. from Columbia NORML for sharing this info 

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